Embarking on a journey that involves transformations-both physical and emotional. This journey will begin and will last for 90 days.

Pop pilates 2day

Did (or tried)the Corset w.o.,man the twisting killed me so I had to skip that,considering that I strained my back last week. So stuck with the butt up part(my fave)and got to work out my arms. Moved on to muffin top,then saddle bag shaver and the summer w.o. -_- I’m beat! Did an hour when I only wanted 2 do 30 min. Oh well…time to hit the shower! Bye y’all and happy work out!

How’s everyone?

Well with the ushering of the holidays; I’m feeling the crush of it all…so I will put everything on limbo -just for this week. It’s only one week. But next week will be business as usual! So let me wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Oh btw, it’s not so much the tryptophan that makes you sleepy; it’s that all the blood is splitting its function between your brain and your digestion. Guess which will win out on that competition? I will try to resist a nap and maybe go for a walk instead.

Hey Friday? You kind of suck right now!

Lunch was uneventful! Oven baked chicken drumstick with brown rice. Need to make a run to the store for more veggies + water. Didn’t snack b/c the oatmeal pancake made me full! Damn, it’s so crowded in the mall! I hate the beginning of weekends!

Pssst it’s been a while,I’ve missed ‘ya!

Pop kick :legs 2X
Pop pilates:sexy back
Breakfast: sweet potato oatmeal mini pancakes(3)and sausages(2),sorry, need them to keep me fuller+ water.

Tuesday Workout

I just did the new pop kicks:so you want nice legs…uggh I lasted two rounds with that puppy! Followed by pop abs. I’m tuckered and I prefer my w.o. in the a.m. -_O
I’m gonna feel that one tomorrow.

Lunch:baked chicken.

Lunch:baked chicken.

No biggie

Been sick since Wednesday so I had to skip Thu and todays w.o.
Breakfast: 2 mini raspberry oatmeal pancakes w/ no syrup , fried egg w/tumeric and water (funny, water is all I crave my appetite is shot to hell when I’m ill). Happy Friday!!



I will adopt this as my mantra

"@TheRock: Be the person that when your feet touch the floor in the morning the devil says, "aww shit.. they’re up". #BootsToAsses" There’s a

I’m moving on

Today was hell! I had the job interview from hell!!!and I so want to forget this ass stinking day and just move on! To help me forget this shitty day I will start by moving and moving!! 3 rounds of pop cardio followed by pilates arms+back.